Water is Our New Favorite Drink

Clean drinking water is vital

All of this began when we bought a new refrigerator with water in the door, and our whole family fell in love with filtered water.

Water is now our new favorite drink. We drink water with our meals instead of soda or iced tea.

Now that we know what clean water tastes like, we can't stand to drink water straight out of the tap.

We can't go back---We won't go back---to unfiltered water, just on the matter of taste alone.

That got me to thinking. I wanted to know what is in our tap water that makes it taste so bad. While looking for the answer to that question, I learned some disturbing facts about our water supply. I simply cannot keep this information to myself.

Here are the facts of life about our drinking water:

All of our drinking water is recycled water. It is being polluted and contaminated by the thousands of chemical compounds that are dumped into it everyday. We are drinking the residue of what millions of Americans are flushing down their toliets.

Our water treatment facilities just kill the bacteria, algae, and other microscopic forms of life that are present in our water. They make no attempt to remove the prescriptions drugs that are dissolved in it. Which means that everytime you drink a glass of water, you are taking everyone else's drugs.

That gives you just two alternatives: Buy a water filter and use it. Or, suffer the consequences of drinking contaminated water.

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