Our Water Contains Known Carcinogens

Testing the waterImage by The Brit_2 via Flickr

Our water is treated with Chlorine, which is a deadly poison. It kills the bacteria, algae, and other microscopic life forms, but it also interacts with organic matter in the water to form carcinogenic Trihalomethanes.

"The drinking of chlorinated water has finally been officially linked to an increased incidence of colon cancer. An epidemiologist at Oak Ridge Associated Universities completed a study of colon cancer victims and non-cancer patients and concluded that the drinking of chlorinated water for 15 years or more was conducive to a high rate of colon cancer." Health Freedom News, January/February 1987

"Long-term drinking of chlorinated water appears to increase a person's risk of developing bladder cancer as much as 80%," according to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Some 45,000 Americans are diagnosed every year with bladder cancer. St. Paul Dispatch & Pioneer Press, December 17, 1987

"Although concentrations of these carcinogens are low...it is precisely these low levels which cancer scientists believe are responsible for the majority of human cancers in the United States."
Report Issued By The Environmental Defense Fund

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